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Premiere practice exams and study material for the Electrical PE Exam – Power


Look, the Electrical PE exam (Power) is difficult. Here's the issue: there simply isn't enough quality practice test material out there for the engineer looking to take the PE. And what is available is meagre – both in quality and quantity. There are too few solid solutions/explanations and too many impractical long form textbook-style problems. It is amazing to look at the statistics of the test: the Power PE exam has around a 50% fail ratio (depending on the year). That's really high. It's generally the highest fail ratio of all the different disciplines having a PE. We're here to make sure you get the best preparation possible. And we do this by keeping it simple, cutting out the wasted time and useless information, and maximizing the efficiency of your study time. We offer you the opportunity to get lots of practice with the question-types you'll be faced with on the exam, our solutions are the most thorough available, and we offer lots of free online study helps.



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Practice Exams and Electrical Code Drill Book- iBooks




Practice Exams – Complete Set (vol. 1-4)

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Practice Exams - Complete Set

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Electrical Code Drill Book

300 Drills on 2017 Electrical Code

Electrical Code Drill Book

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