Visualizing Connections
It may seem basic, but it is often a weak spot for PE test-takers: the delta and wye connections. It is important to not only know the math regarding the delta and wye, but also the physical type of connections they have. This video explores that topic.


Engineering Discussion Board
Feeling alone in your studies? This is a great site for asking and answering many (if not most) of the questions and topics covered by the exam. It’s a community discussion board where you'll be able to interact with others preparing just like you. As it is a discussion, not all the information [...]



The Conjugate (S=VI*)
Yet another interesting, and easily misunderstood concept: The Conjugate (S=VI*). Not many explanations of this abound, this is our attempt to explain it succinctly.
Part 1

Part 2


This is the official exam-maker’s website. Full of useful information for the prospective tester, but also has broken links and defunct information on it. It is not the most conveniently navigated website as well. Below are some particularly helpful areas we’ve found that the test-taker should read.

Exam Specificatons — This [...]


Other Resources for Power PE Exam
Below is a listing of a few resources found on the internet to help you in planning for the PE exam.  Please feel free to contact us with useful sites and references you've found in your study. They will be reviewed by real people, and if they help the community [...]